new Brainstorm website online!

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Wow, again some very busy weeks!

After Danny and Sandy left on Thursday it was high time for me to start programming and converting the old Brainstorm pages to the new website design (luckily the design itself was already done). And it’s online now! It still needs some updating and … » full post and pics!


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The weekend was fabulous! The weather was nice enough (lots of sun, although the wind was still chilly) and it was great to smell the forest air again and to be away from home. Even though I did a lot of work on the laptop, being away from home in … » full post and pics!

busy week

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It’s been busy. I’ve been working extremely hard over the whole weekend to get the images for Sextra ready, been Photoshopping pretty much non-stop from Friday afternoon until Monday night. Terrible, but part of the job.. now I have to upload all the images and articles in the shop, that’s … » full post and pics!

a new day…

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Am I glad it’s a new day. Yesterday sucked beyond belief. Only Nico had some good news from the meeting at work: well, the meeting didn’t bring much news, just that they’ll try not to fire anyone, and that new employees don’t have to go first. Nico also talked to … » full post and pics!