Happy Canada Day!

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Happy Canada Day

We are happy to call this country home and want to celebrate that on Canada Day! But, we would also like to acknowledge all the wrong that this country has done to its Indigenous Peoples. I hope that one day this can be a day we include all of this.… » full post and pics!

Got my driver’s licence!

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passed driver's exam!

How’s everybody doing?!

I haven’t had much computer time over the last month or so – my eyes have been super dry with this dry and extreme cold here, and my good eye has been too irritated to be able to read the small stuff on the screens. It’s finally … » full post and pics!

Oliebollen and apple beignets

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oliebollen and apple beignets

Even though we haven’t been able to host our annual Dutch New Year’s Eve parties since 2019, we still make the main traditional Dutch New Year’s Eve treat: oliebollen! We also make another favourite, apple beignets (kind of like donuts or fritters)! In Dutch: appelbeignets, although in some parts of » full post and pics!

Happy New Year!

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Safe Holidays!

We hope you all had a great holiday season! On Christmas Eve we had Marga and Henk over for gourmetten. We planned to have a handful of friends over on New Years Eve, for a mini Dutch party. But the Covid cases had just started to rise fast again, so … » full post and pics!

Books I read in 2020

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Barbara Cool Lee books

Since I want to make this an annual post, here’s what I read in 2020! I’ll never have a long list of books, but my biggest change in 2020 is that I got a proper ereader! And oh boy, do I ever love that thing!!

Kindle or Kobo ereader?

I … » full post and pics!

Feel The Fire Office Paint Job

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the office

After all the losses, especially in the spring, and world problems like a pandemic and social unrest in the States, I didn’t feel like blogging much for a while. But I’m feeling a lot better again and it’s time I show you what we’ve been up over the summer! Like » full post and pics!