a new day…

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Am I glad it’s a new day. Yesterday sucked beyond belief. Only Nico had some good news from the meeting at work: well, the meeting didn’t bring much news, just that they’ll try not to fire anyone, and that new employees don’t have to go first. Nico also talked to his personnel contact again, and he said that he wanted Nico to become the driving force on the ward, so he sure doesn’t want to lose Nico!!! 😮 🙂

But I had trouble on my favourite community… I stood up for a girl there and then my words got all twisted around 😕 I was totally upset, crying, feeling ill, all that shit. I posted a loooong reply hoping it would be more clear. Talked to the persons involved by now and we’re cool, but I don’t understand why it’s so damn hard to see the difference between being civil and censorship. You really can be respectful to other people and still start discussions. Geez. Just treat others like you want to be treated! 🙄

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