RIP René / no emigration for now / new extra job??

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Things haven’t been toooooooooo great lately, but it looks like it’s settling down again.

First of all we found out last week that on November 19th a dear friend from a while back had died, René Raczynski 😥 He was apparently ill and only 35 years old. We started our whole t-shirt screen printing hobby together back in 1987 or 1988 and have been good friends for many years, esp in my years in Eindhoven. Later on, after I moved to Nico in Heerlen, we still kept seeing him and he was at our wedding in 1996. Since then we’d only occasionally see him when he would drop by after work, because that was close to where we live. Apparently he changed jobs, got married and had a daughter. I got that info from the obituaries in the newspaper, because we hadn’t seen him in 6 or so years I think. If I had known he was ill, I would’ve tried to offer my support, but I heard it way too late and it totally shook me up 😥

Another fairly heavy change for me is that I had to let go of the Canada dream for now. Well, not really let go, but we’ve put things on ice for now, because Nico is having too many doubts and doesn’t want to give up our house and his (fairly new) job & new training & prospects (yet). We’ll keep on learning about living in Canada and stay in touch with people we met through this search for info – and who knows how things might develop. We’ll continue to dream, whether we’ll ever make it reality or not. At least it’s a relief to know where we stand for now, because Nico’s doubts and my efforts to help were starting to cause friction and that’s the last thing we want!

Time for me to get back on my two feet again on this Dutch soil here, and focus on my things here. And while I was typing this a co-worker stopped by to see if I would be interested in one day extra work a week, to support her ICT work. Hell yeah!!!!! She’s gonna see if it’s possible (I have the affinity with programming and such, but not enough skills yet) and I’m sure I’ll hear more in the near future…… WOOH!

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