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The weekend was fabulous! The weather was nice enough (lots of sun, although the wind was still chilly) and it was great to smell the forest air again and to be away from home. Even though I did a lot of work on the laptop, being away from home in those settings did the trick – I feel relaxed and I’m ready to face yet another hectic week. Last night I finished the redesigned and now fully updated Nico’s PhotoPit , one of my big projects finally finished, at last! It’s looking good 🙂

The weather is going to be even better than over the weekend (warmer), so I will have fun doing some stuff in the yard, like planting flowers in pots etc. I will also have to do a lot on the Sextra site, I promised Brainstorm to do a big update this week AND Cora is on vacation in Sweden, so I have to take care of updates on Morrigan’s Pit. But the battery has been recharged :mrgreen:

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