Feel The Fire Office Paint Job

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the office

After all the losses, especially in the spring, and world problems like a pandemic and social unrest in the States, I didn’t feel like blogging much for a while. But I’m feeling a lot better again and it’s time I show you what we’ve been up over the summer! Like » full post and pics!

A New Dawn

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a new dawn

Good morning from my temp office in the living room while my home office is still under construction! It’s been a while as my office job kept me busier than I wanted, after 11+ years of being a casual, organizational changes sort of forced me to go full time. Well … » full post and pics!

Expanding Feel The Fire!

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Things are going to change at Feel The Fire!!

In recent years I’ve been working hard behind the scenes. Besides working with clients, I spent many months moving my sites to a new web host, Antagonist in the Netherlands, and doing any updates where needed (made this whole blog bilingual, … » full post and pics!

They are keeping me!

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Great news! Nothing signed yet, but heard last Friday that due to changes in the team, I can keep my work-from-home office job after all!!! I will continue to work on expanding my business, this past month has learned me a lot about where my heart is. But very happy … » full post and pics!


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Just thought I’d say hi.. but I don’t really have a lot to tell 😉
I’ve been extremely busy with the webzine, still catching up where I left things before the vacation and flu, but I’m getting there. I’ve had my hands full with the organisation, editing and esp. writing … » full post and pics!