Happy New Year!

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ยป photo album 2007/1214 ~ Xmas, NYE

We wish everybody a happy, healthy and safe 2008!!! Here’s a bit of video from last night’s fireworks in our neighbourhood… I’m gonna miss that in Regina! I also uploaded an album with pictures in the gallery.

I’ve got a couple of updates, mostly small, but one is BIG! WE HAVE A PLACE TO STAY in Regina for the first months, until we are able to buy a house! And so close to home… actually IN the only home we know over there: at Tim and Cortney’s!! Their basement suite will be available again, and we can move in there!! WOOOHOOOO!!! We are so lucky to have friends like them, although “friends” doesn’t even describe the bond we feel… they are family! ๐Ÿ™‚

The smaller updates:

Gary, Bardo (Roadkill) & MarliesBarend (Vengeance) & MarliesI also made a few pics on the 23rd, when we went to see Roadkill and Vengeance in the Nieuwe Nor here in Heerlen. Must’ve been the first time we went to a gig walking!! It was a great night, seemed like a big reunion. Besides local friends, we were happy to see our old palls Bardo of Roadkill and Barend of Vengeance (see pics) once more before we leave the continent!

Xmas was good, on the 24th and 25th we just enjoyed ourselves at home, with emailing Xmas cards, copying old videos to DVD, watching movies and stuff like that. On the 26th my dad and his gf Amalia came by and we had a great meal, cooking our own things on a gourmet grill thingie (something like an electric table-top raclette grill with a griddle on top and little pans to cook on top or to grill below).

After that I worked on the new Brainstorm website for a few days non-stop until deep into the night, and I finished it last weekend: http://www.brainstorm-web.net

And last night we celebrated New Year’s Eve by ourselves, drinking beer and sekt (sparkling wine), eating too much and watching the third Lord Of The Rings movie. At midnight we went outside to spend some time with all the neighbours, watching the fireworks. A few neighbours also came in to have a drink with us.

And now it’s 2008… this is going to be OUR year!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. as your ship soon will leave middle-earth, bound for glories with a pocket full of dreams (ยฉ DC of WS) we hope you will be taken us with you in your memories.
    Will you be missing holland??? neijj, you only miss friends and knowing you lot, you will be making bundles of them overseas. As sturdy, not movable and inflexible limburgers we will not follow you in your foodsteps how beautiful scotland (for me) is but if we are in the neighbourhood…who knows.

    Marlies en Nico, cool en respect veur wie geer ut toch veur mekaar hubt weiten te boxen. Veul luj kalle waal dat ze get anders wille mer zelden kump ur daan get vaan(oetgezongert auch mien vruiwke dat de baan bie domicura het opgezag en weer de oetveuring is ingegange). Veer wunsche euch alle goots dao in dat verre land.

    groetjes van Francis….Lilian……Mark

    ps. die foto veur op de website, dat is toch neet eurer achtertuin……..

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