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Just thought I’d say hi.. but I don’t really have a lot to tell ๐Ÿ˜‰
I’ve been extremely busy with the webzine, still catching up where I left things before the vacation and flu, but I’m getting there. I’ve had my hands full with the organisation, editing and esp. writing a lot. The biggest thing was getting the ProgPower review together and online:

(edit 2020: webzine is not online anymore, this is a copy of the article, copyright is mine)

On Nico’s page (www.nicowobben.com) you can see some live shots and also a bunch of off stage pics! More fun pics are in our gallery.

ยป photo album 2005/0930 ~ ProgPower

Still, things pile up but what can I do… except work even harder!

<uninteresting webmaster talk>
I’ve also been thinking long and hard about how I can make things easier for myself with the pics pages on the Into Eternity site. I tried some software, Gallery, where you can create and edit albums online. I would have to adapt the initial pics page on the website to a links list to external and own galleries instead of having the thumbnails there directly. Then I realized that that was already the thing I needed to change in order to get more overview and less work for myself, and not so much whether I used an online gallery or continued to use Webthumb on my computer and then upload. So I chose to (soon) adapt the pics page, and redo the galleries, but still with Webthumb. I could also still let the photo page open within the website itself, but Nico said he liked this type of gallery opening in a new window much more. So I think I’m gonna stick to that ๐Ÿ™‚
</uninteresting webmaster talk>

Otherwise we’ve started to talk about our plans for next year: back to Canada! We’re slowly starting up the search for information again and hope to be well prepared when we go back for vacation and orientation in September or October.

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