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It’s been busy. I’ve been working extremely hard over the whole weekend to get the images for Sextra ready, been Photoshopping pretty much non-stop from Friday afternoon until Monday night. Terrible, but part of the job.. now I have to upload all the images and articles in the shop, that’s gonna take a while too! The last two days I’ve been spending less time on it. Nico had the Tuesday off and we wanted to enjoy our yard, work in it a little maybe, but the weather turned out to be colder than expected. We did go to a few stores for garden stuff and took our time for that. Yesterday I spend some time on making a header for the new Saskmetal site, gonna finish that (hopefully) with Brent later today.

Monday, Nico heard once again he had “the eye”. This time coming from the teacher at the Photo Academy, it means a lot!! It was the last day of the main course. They’ve said that when it comes to Concert Photography, they won’t be able to teach him much (anymore). Only if he would like to do other things as well (he’d be interested in doing some medical photography e.g.) he would need to take at least two of the detailed courses.

I got a lot to do when I get home from work… groceries, Sextra, Saskmetal header, damn I should get Headway online on the zine and our Brainstorm review…… ARGH.

But… come hell or high water, WE’LL GO TO OUR CAMPER THIS WEEKEND!!! I totally NEED to get away for a few days and get some real fresh (forest)air 🙂

a new day...

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