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We’re having a couple of hot days right now, so we’re enjoying summer 🙂 Next weekend is the Bang Your Head festival in the south of Germany (Balingen), so hopefully it’ll be still good then (it’s usual real hot in that weekend!). For the first time we’ll be sleeping in a hotel instead of camping near the festival, because we can’t go before Thursday night, and the campgrounds next to the festival will be full by then.

I hope my back is doing better by then. Since four weeks now, I’ve been having a back ache that you can feel in your behind and your leg and it just won’t go away by itself (it started when I had been sitting at our picnic table for too long). I finally got to the doctor last week and I’m on medication now. Hopefully it helps but I’ll still have to see that I sit down as much as possible I guess.

Last weekend was fun, even though I had a mild migraine (luckily only mild…). Thursday night we went to Snowworld (organized by the personnel club) to watch others ski and snowboard and to BBQ and drink after that. It was fun, but I started to get a little headache. I manage to work but by Friday afternoon the migraine was worse. Later at night it was lighter again and we went to Elke’s exam party, just across the street. It was in the yard so sitting outside drinking tea (and without loud music) was really good for my poor head, I managed to stay there until midnight! Despite the party going on and us sleeping with our window open, we slept like a log after that! I woke up without much headache, but after breakfast I did get so tired that I went to lay down on the couch for a nap. I slept tight for an hour and that was the end of my migraine again!! I got off pretty well this time 😉

Yesterday was father’s day and we went to see my dad and his gf Amalia. Driving through the heat wasn’t too great but his apartment was a bit cooler. We had Chinese food, yummy 🙂

Oh and I’ve pretty much finished the Ahrweiler apartment website, it’s online now! A few things will still be added and hopefully we can go there again soon. We need better (summer) pics :mrgreen:

(edit 2016: they now have another website, but the one I made in 2005 looked like this: )

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