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The last few weeks have been crazy. Just too much coming together, but as of today it’s going to get better again. What we’ve been so busy with? Nico and I got a new (bigger) web host account that allows multiple domains and we moved the PhotoPit and Morrigan’s Pit over. I’m the new webmaster for Into Eternity and I’m gonna put that site on the account as well. I’ve been mailing like crazy with Jesse and our registrar’s support, but something went wrong in trying to transfer the domain over to me and since time’s pressing, I got VERY frustrated with waiting and waiting. Each day counts, because .com is totally offline! Finally I’ve registered .net….

I also got into a fight (online) with someone who started shit about the band (without details, but still implying a lot) and Dean needed to step in and clear things up. Geez! He was so certain he knew the “truth” about Dean leaving the band, and Alina and I didn’t, even though we talk directly to both sources, duh! Soooo certain, until Dean stepped in, they settled it off-board and it seemed he had his info third/fourth-hand, geez!! Then some people wonder how rumours get started 🙄

But, the most important thing was getting the Into Eternity website back up after the old one had been deleted! The site is still half empty, but at least we (IE) are back online, we can promote the new URL and last night I worked until 1.30am to get all the pages online, if only with a ‘coming soon’ 😉 In the next days I can continue to add stuff. – spread the word!!!!!!

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