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What have we been up to the past month? We really needed a break before our actual vacation to Crete in September, so we went back to Ahrweiler for a weekend. That was great! Warm weather and it all looked much nicer in the summer 🙂 It was a pity we had to skip my friend Anneke’s Carribean party though, but Nico is working almost all weekends now and we had no other option. My back problem isn’t gone yet, but it’s sloooooooowly getting better, so I didn’t go back to the doc. Looks like it will just take some more time. We’re not going to Wacken this year, but we’re looking forward to a) a visitor from Regina, Marlin, coming over in 12 days (Nico has some days off there, so let’s see what we can do/visit!) and b) of course we’re extremely excited and looking forward to Crete again! Relaxing with a frappe or a beer in a taverna at the sea side… and that for three whole weeks – YES!

I’ve uploaded some newer and older pics recently. Finally we’ve been back to Ahrweiler, two and a half weeks ago!! Nico made a shitload of pics with his new Nikon D70s! It was nice to see everything in the summer, and we checked up on Sandy’s Castle 🙂

» photo album 2005/0801 ~ BBQ At Els And Maurice

» photo album 2005/0715 ~ Weekend In Ahrweiler

» photo album 2005/0628 ~ In The Yard Of The Brouwers

» photo album 2005/0629 ~ BBQ With Cora

» photo album 2005/0528 ~ BBQ With Paddy And Cora

» photo album 2005/0524 ~ May’s 50th Birthday

» photo album 2005/0429 ~ Work Outing Marlies Rembrandthuis

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