Books I read in 2020

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Barbara Cool Lee books

Since I want to make this an annual post, here’s what I read in 2020! I’ll never have a long list of books, but my biggest change in 2020 is that I got a proper ereader! And oh boy, do I ever love that thing!!

Kindle or Kobo ereader?

I … » full post and pics!

Feel The Fire Office Paint Job

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the office

After all the losses, especially in the spring, and world problems like a pandemic and social unrest in the States, I didn’t feel like blogging much for a while. But I’m feeling a lot better again and it’s time I show you what we’ve been up over the summer! Like » full post and pics!

RIP Smokey

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Soon I’ll be blogging about our summer adventures, but first I unfortunately have another RIP post, this time for one of our beloved kitties. Smokey was a master cuddler and usually slept in between us or on our pillows. He would meow without sound and wink at you. On August » full post and pics!

RIP Jon McCaulder

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Jon and Heather on our NYE party in 2017

In June we had to say goodbye to yet another loved one… our friend Jon had been battling health problems connected to kidney failure since many years. Getting a new kidney in 2011 improved his health for quite a while. But eventually it failed too and he ended up back » full post and pics!

RIP Dad: Harry Breeuwer

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I would’ve never thought I’d ever have four “rest in peace” blog posts in a row. It all happened over the course of a good month, so I did not feel like work or putting up any cheerful posts in between. I also never thought I’d really have to say » full post and pics!