RIP Jon McCaulder

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Jon and Heather on our NYE party in 2017

In June we had to say goodbye to yet another loved one… our friend Jon had been battling health problems connected to kidney failure since many years. Getting a new kidney in 2011 improved his health for quite a while. But eventually it failed too and he ended up back on dialysis. Over the years he’d occasionally end up in the hospital fighting off infections, but he always pulled through… until June 18. His body would have no more and Jon passed away early that morning at the age of 45 🙁 Besides girlfriend Heather and (separated) wife Maggie, Jon leaves behind two sons, Alex and Brody.

Jon, we will miss you!! Our New Year’s Eve parties will not be the same without you!

I know 2020 is unprecedented for most people with the challenges of a pandemic… but for us the biggest challenge has been losing five loved ones in three months. It can stop now!

Thankfully I am starting to feel better by now, I have been more productive with making masks and starting up website work and blogging again. So after taking it easy for a while, I’ll be posting regularly again!

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