Buffalo Pound, Hartwell Cabin, June 25-July 2

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Hartwell cabin, Buffalo Pound, sunset

You may know that Buffalo Pound is our favourite close-to-home destination. We have several options too! Most of the time it’s the south shore… the provincial park or a private campground… but sometimes we go to Valley View on the north shore to visit the Randi and Floyd (and son Waylon) at their cabin. They have a gorgeous “upper lot” with stunning lake views! But since you are also in the elements a bit, they had us park in the trees by the cabin this time, because of a record-breaking heat wave! It “only” got to be 36°C where we were (almost 50 in BC!), so we were grateful!!

Party Central at Buffalo Pound!

The Hartwell cabin is always party central among their family and friends. Several family members have cabins in Valley View and visitors are always welcome. Everyone knows there is always food in their big kitchen, great company to hang with and a lake to enjoy! In 2013 and 2014 they even organized “deck concerts” with Jeffery Straker and Belle Plaine, those were awesome!

Boat ride

We arrived on a Friday and enjoyed seeing a bunch of familiar faces again (and all vaccinated, so hugs!). One night, Floyd took us out on the lake for a wonderful boat ride all the way to the causeway (highway 2 crossing) over Buffalo Pound. We had to hold on to our glasses when we went fast haha! And I think our hairlines receded a bit too! We saw a lot of grebes, a few pelicans and a beautiful sunset.

Lazy week in the heat wave!

Despite many plans for swimming or kayaking in that week, we didn’t swim in the lake due to low water and a lot of weeds (just not appealing) and it was just too hot to kayak or be otherwise active. Oh well, next time when it’s not 36°C!

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  1. Wow I’ve been out there for 30 yrs never had a boat ride. You must be special. By the way it’s way to much food. Good food but to much. 👍🏻

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