what a week…

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Hey all,

<selfpity mode>

Murphy’s law strikes again. My leg is not too bad, I can walk on it, so I can work, I only have to give it enough rest otherwise it bothers me a bit (so all in all not bad at all).

But then last week, … » full post and pics!

Canada pics almost done

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The weekend was nice.. esp. Saturday night. We went to the neighbours across the street, because Lea was celebrating her birthday. The actual birthday is today, so.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEA! Fifteen already! As always we had a good time hanging with the “Brouwertjes” and their family and friends.

Yesterday I … » full post and pics!


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Unfortunately it’s raining off and on (luckily there is a bit of sun in between too), but I’m enjoying the weekend. Not having to go anywhere, just wearing your jogging pants, no make up, hair in a pony tail…. all about being comfy 🙂 Yesterday I’ve been scanning some old … » full post and pics!

a new day…

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Am I glad it’s a new day. Yesterday sucked beyond belief. Only Nico had some good news from the meeting at work: well, the meeting didn’t bring much news, just that they’ll try not to fire anyone, and that new employees don’t have to go first. Nico also talked to … » full post and pics!