HNY!!! – and strength to all the tsunami victims/survivors

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We stayed at home (don’t like to leave the cat alone, he’s of course scared of all the firework noises) and at midnight we went outside. Here everybody goes outside with their drinks to lit or watch the fireworks, and last night it was so warm (maybe 8C and no wind) that we easily stayed out for almost an hour in our sweaters. How good it is depends also on who’s home – two years ago we were almost alone (booooring) and last year “everyone” was there (fabulous!). This time some of our neighbours weren’t home, but in general there was a LOT of firework to be seen around us! Unlike other years we didn’t end up drinking at one of the neighbours houses, and because I was a little drunk from the sekt I passed out around 2.30 😛

I wish everybody a healthy and happy new year…. and a lot of strength and some relief for all those tsunami victims, survivors and helpers in Asia. It is beyond comprehension what has happened there, even when you see the footage. 127,000 deaths officially at this point… but it looks like it’s really much much more 😥 My thoughts are with them….

Today I wanted to write for MP, but it ended up being a Crete-day. Searching for apartments in Kalives and area (we’ve narrowed it down to four or so addresses who I’m gonna email), because we’ve decided we’re gonna go to Crete again in September. So that fun is already starting 🙂 And Nico has recorded our first Crete video (honeymoon 1996 to Gournes) and we’re now editing. Really cool stuff to do with this new DVD recorder.

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