RIP Spooky

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It was time to let Spooky go to kitty heaven. We had seen her deteriorate over the past months and although it’s hard to determine when it’s time to let your pet go, we felt that we got to that point this week. She was almost 22 years old, which … » full post and pics!

and then there were… FOUR!

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Sooooo…. we ended up at Petsmart this afternoon to look for some collars and catfood and there was this one cat there… Nice white and grey medium hair one, and when I read the info I saw it was one of Tess’ two brothers (they were surrendered to the Humane … » full post and pics!

Spooky’s back home!

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Today we put posters up for Spooky and lo and behold… the kitty came walking back home this night!!! She was warm, not hungry and looking good – she has been taken care of somehow! Well, whoever did that: thank you, and thank you for letting her go again! Our … » full post and pics!

our 1000-dollar-superkitty!

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He’s back home! Was he gone already?? Oh yes, we had to leave him at the vet on Monday, because it turned out his minor limp was caused by a fractured leg and in need of a 900 dollar operation!!! On Tuesday we had a lot of drama with the … » full post and pics!

Additions to the family!!!

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It was about time we looked for company for Spooky, and ourselves. Last night we went to Petcetera, where around 15 cats of the Humane Society are staying. Although you’d want to take them all home, we really clicked with two of them, a 4 year old, gorgeous, big, fluffy, … » full post and pics!