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We had a bit of a scary day. Nico heard at work they have to cut back and maybe people will be fired. We used to have this “system” of last in, first out and since Nico only started two months ago, he got VERY worried about this! And so … » full post and pics!


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YESTERDAY RULED!!!!!! I was still recovering from a migraine, so I was still tired and had to hold back a little, but the Brainstorm show in Cologne was great! Cora and I insisted on hearing Amarillo as an encore and we made a banner with the word Amarillo on it … » full post and pics!


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Today kinda sucked.. not all of it, but a got a migraine that kept me from doing most of the things I intended to do today. I felt it a bit when I woke up, but it was better when I was up. Then I went to the store an … » full post and pics!

my own journal!

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Finally…… my own independent journal. I started to like the idea of an online journal after I had one on my favourite community (saskmetal.com). I intend to start a new one there, but also have one that is for everybody, not only my Canadian friends. Well…. I finally got the … » full post and pics!