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» photo album 2004/0523 ~ Our Yard

It’s not bad for a Monday morning after five and a half hours of sleep. Esp. since I just heard we got a pass for the upcoming Rock Hard festival and it’s slowly starting to sink in that we’re finally, after years of talking about it, going to meet our Into Eternity boys!!! I hope that Century Media is not planning too much interviews and stuff on their days off (and the festival days), and we get to spend some quality time together.

T is doing better again, so that’s another thing that’s looking up. Medication finally kicked in after all and operating is most likely off for now (I think some professor is gonna see him today and then they’ll know more).

I’ve finally decided on a name for my webdesign thingie. Feel The Fire Pages 🙂

The weather is nice… been nice all weekend although the wind was a bit cold. Too cold to sit outside most of the time, but nice to work a little. Put some more flowers in pots and all and took new pics!

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