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YESTERDAY RULED!!!!!! I was still recovering from a migraine, so I was still tired and had to hold back a little, but the Brainstorm show in Cologne was great! Cora and I insisted on hearing Amarillo as an encore and we made a banner with the word Amarillo on it haha! We showed it after each song, but there was no time for an encore unfortunately – the Amarillo Girls will have to try again at Wacken!! We met up with Iris and Oli (our Eifel friends) before the show and together with Cora and Sonja, we spend hours with Brainstorm after the show (and were spoiled with a bunch of t-shirts – thx guys!!). We live so far apart that we only hang out at these shows, so I was very happy we had so much “quality time” with them 😎

This morning ruled too!! We had breakfast in the sun on the back patio and it was so nice…. I can’t begin to describe how much we enjoy the yard already (re-done last year after many years of jungle) even though a lot of little things still have to be done. We have so many different places to sit and chill, a picnic table or easy chairs under the pergola, the terrace in the back…. and it all looks so pretty 🙂

On a sadder note….. it would’ve been Larsje’s 20th birthday today (R.I.P.)

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