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Today kinda sucked.. not all of it, but a got a migraine that kept me from doing most of the things I intended to do today. I felt it a bit when I woke up, but it was better when I was up. Then I went to the store an hour or so later and suddenly it starts. At home I laid on the couch and slept a little and it seemed to be gone then! My future neighbour Liane came by and we had a few decafs, all was well for a while but then it started again GRRR. I wanted to write for Morrigan’s Pit, wanted to get our stuff together for tomorrow (going to the campsite for a day and a half, from there to the Brainstorm gig in Cologne). But all I did was lay on the couch and every now and then played with this journal a bit. I adapted the look again and I’m finally happy with it 🙂

Today was Koninginnedag (Queen’s day). The square behind our house and yard was the scene of the annual Koninginnedag activities from the neighbourhood. Games, music, playthings for the kids.. loud music, mostly house-shit, but at one point there was also Thunderstruck of AC/DC 😮 – that ruled!

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