Nico can do the June 6 RN exam!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Woohoooo!!!!!!!!!!! Today Nico got the email that he can do the RN exam! Man, it was getting tight, in 5 weeks we fly! But today the mail came: “We wish to advise you that we have received the necessary documentation. Your file has been assessed by the Registrar, and you are eligible to apply to write the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination(CRNE).” 8)

Otherwise I’ve just been busy with this new blog and new photo album software here lately, still copying and pasting content over from my old journal and our homepage.

The past week I’ve been pretty sick with a stomach flu, but it’s about over now, finally. I lost 4 kilos (almost 9 lbs) in 4 days! I gained back half of it now I’m eating normally again. But in total, since I started to sort-of-diet, I lost 4 kilos which I’m of course happy about. And it’s weird, but even with the remaining 120 kg, I do feel the difference already. I’m motivated to go on 🙂

oh and today is Vera‘s birthday…. happy birthday to a very special lady!!

What a joyous day!

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