Isolation and RIP Chase

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sitting on the deck with our big moose

I took a few weeks off from the blog to focus on making a new website for a client (yay!). We’re still isolating for the most part, which sucks when your friends lose a child and you can’t even go over for a hug and support! 😢

Nothing much has changed in our COVID-19 situation in the last few weeks. Currently 285 cases in Saskatchewan (146 active), 3 deaths. We are still hunkering down and go for groceries about once a week or week and a half. We do well being at home. I occasionally get overwhelmed by the heartbreak of it all and have some anxiety about Nico going back to work soon.

What we do love is the neighbourhood spirit here. We don’t go to the park anymore, but occasionally walk around the block and if the weather permits, sit on the deck. Kids have drawn chalk drawings and messages on the sidewalks, people put up hearts, drawings and messages in the windows to support each other. And bears for children to find, like a bear hunt. I heard the same thing from the Netherlands! Now, we didn’t have a bear, only a big moose. We tried putting it behind the window, but ours are like mirrors and you couldn’t see him at all! So we just park him outside when the weather is nice enough!

Cat’s son Chase on the left, on Cat and Tim R’s wedding day last June.

All this kindness helps us get through it, but not for our sweet friend Cat. She lost her son two weeks ago and what can possibly keep a mother’s heart from shattering in a million pieces?! Our hearts break for her, Tim, and the family. And we can’t even go over to hug her tight. No funeral services, but a celebration of life will be held at a later time. Rest easy Chase! You were a kind soul, so loved and just way too young to leave 💔

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