Flashback: Europe 2013

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flashback /ˈflæʃ.bæk/ – a blog post that goes back to events in the past 🙂

I took some time to add an older travel diary (I backdate those posts) and I chose our Europe 2013 trip this time. We went back to visit family and friends for the second time since we moved to Canada. I can’t say we went back to the Netherlands, because we barely set foot on Dutch soil. We flew to Germany, visited German friends and met with family in a vacation park in Belgium.

I divided it in only three blog posts, as I don’t have a lot of text, but all the more picture galleries! Enjoy!

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  1. Oh I remember that one jos was still mobile than nice weather and a lovely afternoon outside with dad and amalia❤️😍❤️🌞

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