11/24: application sent

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Little over a week ago, we finally sent in the applications for our work permits. Yes, WE… even though the employer (read: Nico’s contact at the Human Resources department) had said before they would take care of the work permit on their end, it turned out to be a misunderstanding. When they received the Labour Market Opinion (= the permission to hire a foreign worker) on October 17th, we heard we had to apply for the permit ourselves, which is by the way standard. On itself not a problem, but had we known, we would’ve already done the paperwork. Now we had to apply for Police Certificates (Certificate of Good Conduct), which took a few weeks, and then we found out our passes already need to be valid for the whole duration of the work permit. We have asked for 2 year permits and thought we could extend our passport over there. So we figured we better go for new passports as well and after all this delay we finally sent in the applications (for Nico’s job + an open spousal work permit for me) on November 24th! Let (again) the waiting begin (or continue?) – Nico should get papers for a medical fairly soon and we hope to hear the final word in January or February…

One day later we were at a small “metal market” (in Weert) where we rented a table to try and sell most of our vinyl albums, videos and a few CDs. It wasn’t extremely busy, but we sold most of our stuff to the other dealers anyway haha! Anyway, it was a success and a fun day 🙂

Some older stuff:

Nico ready for his sleep testRecently, Nico has been tested for sleeping disorders such as snoring and apneu. Twice he had to sleep with a device strapped to his body with numerous wires attached to his head, body and finger. It made him look like a pretty scary terrorist!! I said if he had gone on a bus like that, he’d be gunned down 😉 The tests showed his sleep suffered from his snoring and hypopneus (less breathing, not a total stop as with apneus) and he will receive a MRA soon, a device that he has to put on his teeth at night and adjust it so the lower jaw will be brought forward a bit. This should keep the airways open and give the sleeper better sleep.. once he gets used to said device of course.

On October 15th Nico celebrated his 47th birthday and a bit later our friend Thorsten came to visit for a weekend, with his new girlfriend Katrin. We had a good time, visited Valkenburg and the Terworm castle in Heerlen, went out for dinner and just chilled. You can see the pics here:

» photo album 2007/1027 ~ Thorsten & Katrin’s Visit

And last month we made some silly pics on two occasions, a concert in Weert and the 25th wedding anniversary of our neighbours (two doors down) Christel and Leendert:

» photo album 2007/1116 ~ Fates Warning & Pagan’s Mind in Weert

» photo album 2007/1117 ~ Party Christel & Leendert

And closing down on a sadder note:
Last Saturday I’ve been to the funeral of a co-worker that committed suicide. We didn’t see that coming and I will miss him for sure. He was always very interested in our Canada plans and I will surely think of him every now and then when we are there! He leaves behind a wife and three daughters, 1 handicapped. RIP Paul Scholtes

And recently it was the first anniversary of Danny’s passing and I still miss him terribly… we have raised a glass to his memory. RIP Danny…

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  1. Proficiat met het opsturen van jullie papieren, het kan nu snel gaan…. Zo zie je maar weer, jullie zijn met jullie toekomst bezig, plannen, ernaar toe leven. Maar soms zijn er mensen, die hun eigen toekomst echt niet meer kunnen zien. Triest.

    Ik hoop dat 2008 jullie alles brengt waar jullie op hopen! Succes en sterkte.

    Groetjes, Monique

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