Riding Mountain – Deep Bay, Ominnik Marsh

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Deep Bay beach

Another 28°C day! A bit hot, but we wanted to bike to the Deep Bay today. Later on we also checked out the Ominnik Marsh Trail near town.

September 17th – Deep Bay

It was a really nice bike ride to Deep Bay. There is a wide bike and walking path along the water for most of the distance. At the end of town, we had to go up the hill and take a few streets and paths to get to the beach. This end of the lake gets deep (20 ft) fast!

Ominnik Marsh

We had some lunch there and when we got back to town, we weren’t done sightseeing yet. We went to walk the Ominnik Marsh. The trail takes you on a long boardwalk through the marsh, with a platform almost at the end. Then you walk back to shore and follow a trail back to the starting point.

After this, we had a yummy supper at Wigwam Dining & Lounge. For dessert, we chose a soft serve ice at The Boardwalk Clear Lake. Back at the campsite, we just relaxed for a while. Although I was a bit anxious for the weather to turn, we were under a severe thunderstorm watch for the night. And there were hardly any campers there, which was already eerie enough for me.

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