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East Goose Lake campground

It had been years since we had been to Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba! We decided to make a round trip to the Riding Mountain area. On the way there we are taking the northern route through Yorkton, Roblin and Dauphin. On the way back we will take the southern route, to the Angusville area to visit our friends Dries and Anneke. But let’s start with our first leg, Regina – Roblin.

September 13th-14th – Roblin

Roblin we ❤ you! Arrived yesterday at dusk after an uneventful drive from Regina, with the obligatory stop at A&W in Melville. In Roblin we bought a MB fishing licence and Nico quickly went to fish at the dock of East Goose Lake where the municipal campground is. And came back after a few minutes with a nice trout! It was getting dark, so we cleaned it and went inside after that.

This morning we woke up early to a stunning sunrise over East Goose Lake!! Nico wanted to fish again and I wanted to capture this photogenic place and the colours of the sunrise. It was magical! We didn’t want to go back to bed, so after a while, we strolled through town and had breakfast at the Sidekick Cafe. Once we got back to the campground, we got ready to leave again. It’s time to continue to Riding Mountain, our main destination for this trip.

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