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A quick update from Brent’s in Saskatoon, tomorrow morning we fly to Calgary!

Sept. 8th – Regina, Saskatoon

Today we got up at 7 already (again) but we slept real well, so we’re happy:) Tim’s dad Jack called to take us all out for breakfast and he took us to Stan’s Diner, a cozy and incredibly friendly place. We had the Hungrymen’s Breakfast (eggs, toast, baked potatoes, ham, bacon, sausages), our first real Canadian breakfast and we loved it!!!

A few hours later we went to Saskatoon (little over 2 hours from here) to visit Brent and Jen. Alina and Tim drove us there through the prairies, the weather was perfect so we got to see what the prairies look like. Not at all as dull as people say! There’s still a lot of variety in the scenery. There’s so much space and crisp clear air *sigh*! We got to Saskatoon a bit early so we spent some time along the riverside. Tim had to be back in time for band practice so they couldn’t stay longer. It was our goodbye to Alina, because she had to go back to the States before we would return to Regina. We went to Tony Roma’s (ribs) with Brent and Jen and hung out at their house for the rest of the night and played with the cats:) Master Brent (hehe) is the owner of, the forum for Saskatchewan metal fans and my favorite online community – and Brent’s become a real good friend ๐Ÿ™‚

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