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Sept. 25th – Regina

Unfortunately the migraine is still there! I was so hoping to meet more people at the show at the Gaslight tonight, but I’m too sick to go 🙁 We did go for breakfast with Jack and I lay down after that. Later on we went downtown, hoping some fresh air would do me good, and we still didn’t see much of Regina yet. We went to the Wascana Park and that’s a really nice place! The weather was nice, so lots of people were strolling along the lakes, or (inline) skating. There was also a biker toy run going on that day, and what are the odds of running into someone we know at that spot… Just when we got there, Todd and Steph pulled out there too! We chatted for a bit and then we continued our stroll along part of the lake, the park and the legislative building. We stayed in that corner so there is still a LOT of the lake we didn’t see! But the fresh air did do me good and we also went out to eat afterwards with Danny. We stayed in for the evening and watched TV.

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  1. Hoi Marlies en Nico,

    Heerlijk lekker daar genieten in “the country to be”. Nog eventjes en jullie zijn weer terug in dit kikkerlandje, met al echt hertfst weer.

    See you

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