our goods have arrived!

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all our small boxes stacked up against the wall of the utility roomFinally, after 6,5 weeks (including some delay in Montreal because we needed to prepay something and they apparently couldn’t reach us) our shipped goods, our 65 boxes of household and personal goods, have arrived in Regina! We both worked on Tuesday and saw on our phone later on that we had missed a call from Fastfrate. The next morning I phoned them back to find out that our stuff had arrived, texted Nico if he could take a longer lunch break maybe and that I would go home earlier too. Joy (Nico’s boss) sent him home for the day, so we had plenty of time to take care of this! We went to Fastfrate, they gave us some papers and together with the stuff the agent in Montreal had emailed us, plus our packing list and ID, we went to Customs at the airport. A nice lady helped us, gave us spontaneous compliments on our detailed packing list (like the guy in Edmonton, btw) 🙂 She stamped it all and we were out there again in 10 minutes! YAY! Now we had to wait for Fastfrate to get the goods from the bond warehouse (in another part of town, with a railway company). We ran some errands and an hour and a half later we could come and get the goods!! We got a hold of Ken Stephenson, who had offered to help us with his pickup truck, and it turned out they could put one whole pallet in the back, so he drove twice to get both pallets to our place, where we put them in the garage for the time being. Thanks for the help Ken!! Then we brought all the boxes to the basement and much to our surprise all the small boxes fitted exactly up against the wall in the utility room (just outside of our apartment), lined up one row thick to the ceiling! Only the 4 bigger boxes, Nico’s photo case and one box with CDs are inside. Awesome!! We’ll only unpack what we think we need, the apartment is already pretty full by now 😉

Nico is working normal day hours at the moment, because of introduction courses, and some days he works on the unit as a “shadow”. He has nice and helpful co-workers and loves it! At the end of the month he’ll start with his normal schedule and 12 hour shifts. I started working at Canada Life 2 weeks ago and I love it too! I have to dress a bit more business-y (no metal shirts and jeans to this job) and you need to make production there (data-entry), but that’s ok, and I love the work. You get a workflow list with scanned beneficiary forms (for pension plans) that you have to check and put certain data off it in the system. I have my own cubicle by the window (luckily), I can listen to my own music (earphones) and decide for myself when (between Mo-Sa and 8am-8pm) I work my 20 hours (max. 7.5 hrs/day)! I try to work 2 full days so I can travel with Cortney (who works full-time with fixed hours) plus a 5 hour day.

» photo album 2008/0325 ~ New Job Marlies

A good week ago, Tim left for a 5-6 week tour (US and Japan) and I took some pics when they were packing their RV and trailer and when they left:

» photo album 2008/0328 ~ Into Eternity Leaving For Tour

Friday we went to a show presented by the Band Of Brothers, a benefit for the Fraser family called “Strength For Chris”. We don’t know him, but many here do, and he is struggling with cancer (brain tumor) and luckily now seems to be on a long hard way of recovery after some operations. The show brought about 10,000 dollars in, so that’s amazing! I’m honoured to say that Lisa has asked me to become a member of the board of the BoB organization soon!

Yesterday we went to the 30th annual Pow Wow of the First Nations University here in Regina. That was quite an impressive event! We stayed for several hours, watching all the colorful dancers and listening to the mesmerizing singers with their chants and their drums. It was held in a small arena (the Brandt Centre), and I hope that we one day also get a chance to go to a pow wow in a more natural setting, like outdoors on a reserve. Anyway, pictures of both events soon to come.

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  1. Great to hear, that everything worked well with the personal goods!
    Spooky is a nice pussy! I hope he’s doing well with you 😉
    Everythings working fine for us. I Have a Ausbildungsplatz on september! For me very good news because I was searching for a year or so.
    Please remind us if you need Hagelslag, german chocolate or some other goods 😉
    Love u!

  2. Endlich ein Update! Supi 🙂 Freut mich, daß alles so gut läuft für euch. Danke auch für die Regina E-Card.

  3. Hi guys !

    Good to see the famous boxes have arrived and that the customs liked the lists !

    We recognize some boxes on the picture, especially the coloured ones with the music
    Another brick in the wall from Pink Floyd, but now litteraly !!!

    Also nice to see pics of your work-cubicle,
    but this raises expectations regarding pic’s’of Nico’s hospital wards !

    Enjoy the weekend !
    Hugs&Kisses from Dessel,Belgium

    PS: Erik and his niece Corine will be active as volunteers at the recycle stand
    at Graspop Metal Meeting in Dessel,last weekend of june 2008.

  4. hey grootte jonge en en grootte meid !!! Hier nieuws vanuit het nachtleven van dewelbkende bcu.Hoe is t met jullie?? zo te zien en te ;lezen alles ok,super tof dat het jullie goed gaat en regelmatig wat van jullie laten horen.Marlies hoe bevallt het werk? En onze KOFFIEJONGEN ? haha,aanpassen? Lange werkdagen? Laat nog maar eens wat van jullie horen,hier gaat alles verder zoals het was,dus geen al te gekke dingen. Groetjes en dikke knuffels van het heerlense->verenigd met het belgische,DOOOOEEEEIIIIII XXX

  5. hallo Marlies en Nico,
    WElkom in Saskatchewan! Zo te zien op jullie site gaat het goed zo de eerste maand in Regina . Zeker als je weer je eigen spullen om je heen hebt. Mocht je nog een keer richting East gaan of je wilt even lekker nederlands kletsen dan kunnen jullie altijd in Balgonie wel aanwaaien. De koffie is gauw gezet en de bier staat altijd wel koud.

    Grt Marga en family

  6. Gistervond aan vrienden onze Canada foto’s laten zien en we moesten direct aan jullie denken. Leuk om te lezen dat alles naar ‘t zin is. Lijkt me wel hard werken 12 uurs diensten voor Nico, daar zit toch wel een lekkere pauze in mag ik hopen? Of zijn we in NL echt zo verwend? Wel een apart idee hoor, zo’n kantoor tuin. Boffen dat je een window seat hebt gekregen. Zo te zien heeft niet iedereen dat…Op je gympen naar werk en daar de pumps aan? Lekker ook om weer te kunnen beschikken over je eigen spulletjes. Veel succes met het vinden van een eigen huis……groetjes vanuit Den Haag

  7. Hoi Marlies en Nico,

    Wat leuk om over jullie bevinden in Canada te lezen.
    Fijn om te horen dat jullie het zo goed naar je zin hebben.
    Leuk jullie foto’s te zien.
    Tof trouwens Marlies, dat je een cubicle aan het raam hebt. Heb je tenminste een leuk uitzicht en niet zo’n opgesloten gevoel.
    Fijn ook dat de mensen zo vriendelijk zijn. Dat doet een mens toch altijd goed.
    Kan ik ook al ergens foto’s van jullie huis vinden?
    Of zijn jullie nog druk aan het zoeken, of inmiddels al iets gevonden?
    Ik ben benieuwd.

    Ik ben benieuwd naar jullie foto’s de komende maanden.
    Er komt een goed tijd aan, om Canada in alle rust te verkennen.
    Foto’s willen we zien!!! Yeah!!!

    Als ik jullie foto’s zie in jullie weblog, dan krijg ik al weer heimwee naar Canada.
    Hebben ze geen screenprinters in de buurt nodig?? Hi,hi,… grapje.

    Groetjes van Agnes en natuurlijk ook van Colinda

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