flight to Regina – we arrived safe and sound!

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Good morning! We arrived here in Regina safe and sound last night! After a short first night I already got up at 7am (jet lag..) and had my first real Canadian shower 😉 Here’s yesterday’s story:

Sept. 6th – flight to Regina

11.40 shuttle bus home – Düsseldorf airport.
14.40-15.30 flight AC 9124 Düsseldorf – Frankfurt
17.05-19.10 (local times!) flight AC 877 Frankfurt – Toronto
20.40-21.57 (local times!) flight AC 1127 Toronto – Regina (6am here in Holland)

Finally the day had come to travel all the way to Canada! Our shuttle bus trip to Düsseldorf and the flights were simply perfect! As always the seats were kinda tight for people of our size hehe… but the space for the legs was pretty OK and the service of Air Canada was great! The flying itself was extremely smooth, incredible how little you feel in a big airplane. The connections were too tight, though. You think you’ll have an hour time, but you need it for check-ins, customs and boarding. In Frankfurt we got to the gate when they just started boarding (but we didn’t have a chance to go into a shop or something) and in Toronto we barely made it to the other plane in time, they were already waiting for us! First they take you with buses from one terminal to another that seemed kilometres away, then you go through customs but we had to go to the immigration desk (maybe because it was my first time in Canada?). Then we got the luggage and then… we had no clue where to go next for our next flight. We kinda got lost a few times, if you have never been there before you just don’t know where to go next, what signs to follow or what the procedure is. With some help and a lot of running we barely made it in time, phew!!

In Regina we were welcomed by a whole bunch of my Saskmetal friends, thanks guys! That ruled (Saskmetal rules haha)! It made us feel really welcome! Russ made a banner to welcome us “Hollish” people haha! It’s so cool to meet people that you’re talking with so often and seen so many pics of – I felt right at home 🙂 We went to Tim’s (very cozy) house to drop off the luggage, meet up with Dean (friend of mine from NY but also in Regina to prepare for a tour with Tim’s band Into Eternity) and then went to Boston Pizza for a bit of food and beer 🙂 I had a nap on the last flight and I was wide awake haha! We got to bed at 2am.

9 Comments on “flight to Regina – we arrived safe and sound!”

  1. Good to hear you got there safely. I could hardly believe you had no time for a sms before you left Frankfurt but now I see why. Oh…and immigration desk?? But you’re still planning to come back, aren’t you? 😉

  2. @Cora – I think that was to make sure we WILL go back LOL! They wanted to see our return tickets and several times “casually” asked what we came here for *rolleyes*. Hi back from Tim btw!
    @Nele – Jep, allemaal gedaan:)

  3. Hey Marlies!

    Welcome to Regina! Hope we can meet up while you’re here…will you go be going to the Into Eternity/Dirtbred show on Saturday? It would be nice to have an ale with a real live European! 🙂

  4. blij te horen dat alles goed gegaan is, dankje om Russ zijn kadootje te geven, heb je hem een kus gegeven ook 😉

    hou jullie goed, veel plezier nog!! x

  5. Hi guys ! Good to see that you’re doing fine and enjoying Canada so far ! Love to see the pics later on !

    Lots of hugs and ‘knuffels’from your fans from Dessel, Belgium.

  6. I figure too late: if you really had that much space left in your luggage, you could have squeezed me in! I’d like to experience such warm welcomes.

  7. Even in het Limburgs: Ich geleuf ut is wal schun doa wah. Haste och al beere geschoate ?
    Inne knuffel va ut Yvonne va de Gemeinde Heele.

  8. @Sped – Hi! We will be in the Rockies then, will be back in Regina on the 22nd – hope we can catch you after that! Oh and early happy birthday already;)

  9. hoi luitjes, jammer dat jullie niet op ons feesje konden zijn. was erg gezellie. beloof me om veel fotoos te maken en veel te genieten van jullie vakantie. hele dikke knuffel!!!!

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