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ยป photo album 2004/0612 ~ BBQ With T and Aleks

T has recovered so well that he came to visit us last weekend with his gf Aleks – that was fun! Even though he’s on a strict diet we had a BBQ and went to the fair downtown on Sunday. And right when we got home and T & Aleks were getting ready to head home again, our friend Ton called to see if we were there, he wanted to come by. We BBQ’d with the leftovers from Saturday underneath our pergola – our pergola rules!

Only one thing in my life not going well at the moment and I haven’t felt like writing about it much – but what can you do when you try to make someone see something and they just don’t seem to listen or care, and don’t practice what they preach… nothing more I guess ๐Ÿ™  It’s difficult for me though, I always get along with people (first time I have a problem with someone in 15 years at least) but still even I have my limits in what I can take in. ๐Ÿ˜•

Rock Hard festival
just the middle of the week....

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