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Since we can put our house up for sale as soon as we’re ready for it, we need to do a few things in and around the house right away. This weekend we’ve been slaving away in the yard. Even though we have most of it paved, it still needs a little bit of maintenance of course.

We got rid of the weeds in the whole yard except the back terrace, and started to work on the one border that we still had to finish since we got rid of the conifers last year. The fruit bushes on that side are doing great, but there was a lot of weeds and ivy in the rest of the border. Like in the other border, we want to put gravel in there to make it look neat and easy to maintain.

Today we finished removing the weeds in there, we leveled the soil a bit and put the weed control fabric in! The latter was quite a job, because we had to work around the fruit bushes and (unfortunately) all the stumps of the conifers that hadn’t been cut off as low as the ones in the other border. In time they will rot and disappear, but for now we had no choice but to cut rounds in the fabric to let the stumps through and leave a bit of ivy grow there that will cover it up in no time.

The gravel has been ordered and will be delivered next Tuesday. But the border already looks sooo different now and we’re proud of our hard work of this weekend 🙂

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One Comment on “slaving in the yard”

  1. Hoi Marlies,

    Dank je wel voor je felicitaties vanwege de zwangerschap! En leuk dat je af en toe eens komt kijken op ons weblog! Ik heb nu net lekker door die van jullie zitten bladeren, leuk hoor.
    Gefeliciteerd met het behalen van het examen van Nico!!!!! Hartstikke goed! Nu kunnen jullie lekker aan de slag met al het andere geregel. We zullen voor jullie duimen dat het allemaal soepel zal gaan verlopen. Succes met het verkopen van jullie huis en met alle andere zaken!

    Groetjes uit Turner Valley,

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