RIP Robin

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RIP Robin 9/12/1991 – 6/21/2006


Very sad news this time, two weeks ago we unexpectedly had to say goodbye to Robin
He came in at 10.30pm, restless and with big eyes, wobbly legs, in half an hour he was almost paralyzed at the back. After giving him sugar, because I feared a hypo (but his sugar wasn’t that low), I called the vet and she said to wait a bit longer and otherwise call again. Nico got home at midnight and saw that the pupils were unequally large and thought of a stroke. We called the vet again and went to see her half an hour later. The symptoms were apparently not very conclusive and she thought it could be a back trauma and gave him a cortisone shot to see how he’d come through the night. Well Nico stayed awake all night and said Robin stayed restless and close to morning he was in more pain again. Nothing got better and Nico couldn’t bear to watch it any longer, we didn’t want him to be in any more pain. We had an appointment at 8.30 again, and said we didn’t want to continue and put Robin through more tests and pain. The vet said it didn’t look good and the chance of them finding something he could recover from seemed slim. So we let Robin go… 😥

It is a big loss for us and we’re totally catless now 🙁 After our vacation we might look into being a guest family for cats, there are foundations who need people to temporarily take care of stray kittens or cats of sick or deceased people while they try to find them new homes. As long as we have emigration plans we don’t want to take in a pet of our own…

Well, that all happened on the day we left for the Bang Your Head festival. We did go and we did have a blast! Of course the mourning about Robin was just postponed, but OK, the weekend was great. I’ll have pics soon.

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