New windows and siding!

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Hopefully the last really $$$$ renovation! We learned a few years ago that our old stucco was cracked and crumbling and we had no choice but to tackle it. And that meant we also had to update our windows before we got new siding! Last year we finally started with it all.

Part 1: Our friend Greg imported German (Gealan) windows and doors of solid European quality through EuroWindows Group. Greg and Henk installed them, Henk and his son Edwin finished the walls and window sills on the inside. I painted almost all of the inside in bright, fresh colours, except for two rooms (I ended up with an inflamed shoulder).

the old window coming out Gealan windows, famous brand from Germany I made new shelving with boxes in the bedroom closet new door being unpacked thiiiick door! windows open sideways or tilted windows open sideways or tilted bug screens roll up all windows are in new paint and rearranged couches in living room new paint and rearranged couches in living room new mug wall rack in kitchen sturdy metal front door new paint and art prints wall in bedroom bathroom window with little window sill made by Henk new back door

Part 2: Then Mike Weisgerber from Ultra Remodeling was able to do his magic, depending on the winter weather. Quality work! He just finished with the skirting and last finishes.. so happy with the results!!!

insulation over the old stucco, double whammy :) New siding on the gable as well siding and window boards are on, insulation and plywood for the skirting too the siding for the skirting matches the cedar colour deck The cedar-like colour of the skirting really finishes it!

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