moving to Canada FEBRUARY 18TH!!!

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We thought, let’s just pack it up and go! We managed to move a few things forward and booked flights for Monday, February 18th!!

Brussel – Londen LHR – AC 6663 – 18/02 – 07:25 07:40
Londen LHR – Edmonton – AC 899 – 18/02 – 12:35 14:40
Edmonton – Regina – AC 8488 – 18/02 – 21:30 23:40

packingThese next two weeks will be very hectic, we’re still packing, we still have to work most days and get a few more things done. We have a few moments to get together with friends, and instead of a big goodbye party (that we really don’t like), we do have a sort of walk-in afternoon for our neighbours and friends that would still like to stop by before we leave, with some coffee, tea, drinks, cake etc. on Sunday the 17th between 11am and 5pm (after that we have a dinner appointment). So if you are a friend, you are welcome haha! Mind you… the house will be empty (we’ll only have some garden furniture and disposable cups) and bring a sweater, because our furnace is a rental and it will be removed two days earlier and we don’t know if our small electric fan will be warm enough. A good preparation for the Canadian winter (see the right column for weather buttons where you can compare the weather in Regina with Amsterdam 🙂 )! And please, we really don’t need any gifts (there will be no space left in our suitcases), just bring your good mood and a warm heart, because that is what we will take with us in our hearts (and we’ll film you with our camcorder haha)!

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8 Comments on “moving to Canada FEBRUARY 18TH!!!”

  1. gaat het nu dan toch gebeuren, voor jullie eindelijk. voor de achterblijvers dadelijk toch een raar gevoel. We zullen elkaar van te voren nog zien, don’t worry/


  2. He proficiat met het gewilde “papiertje”.
    Veel succes in Canada en geniet nog van de laatste Nederlandse daagjes !

    Succes !

  3. Okee..
    so you will really move to canada. Can’t really believe it that it will happen. We surely have to travel to Regina. Although you’re packing everything please don’t forget about us. We can’t come to the “party” but you know, we were already there to say good bye and we love you!

    Auch wenn ihr jetzt alles einpackt und später wieder auspackt, schreibt immer mal kurz ne mail oder so… damit wir wissen, das es euch auch wirklich gut geht 🙂
    UNd ich hoffe das die Katze noch da is und auf euch wartet!!
    Und wenn ihr euch dann wieder babys holt, müsst ihr natürlich Bilder machen!!!


  4. Hoi Nico en Marlies,

    Ik hoorde van mn ouders jullie grote plannen, het gaat nu dus echt gebeuren.

    Heel veel succes en plezier in canada, maar dat zal jullie zeker wel lukken.

    Groetjes van jullie oud-buurmeisje.

  5. Hey Guys Long time no see or hear!! Well you’ve finally got your wish and your moving to Canada..wahoooo!! Sorry I won’t be there to see you off but I will be thinking of you both. My your new life together in Canada be filled with love, good health and happiness. Take care, stay safe and stay in touch. BYH won’t be the same without you guys :O( Love to you both Wooks

  6. woooooooh wat gaat dat snel ineens! Helemaal super man!
    Alvast een goede oversteek gewenst en keep us posted online!
    Take care,
    Chantal & Suus

  7. Lieve Nico en Marlies,

    Vanuit Arnhem wensen Carin en ik jullie een goede reis en vooral een fantastische start in Canada. We blijven julllie volgen!

    x Carin en Janneke

  8. Hi globetrotters,
    final countdown now,
    so enjoy the last few hours on European soil before you hit the Canadian one..

    All the best, tnx for a great last sunday,
    hope you can find the CD’s and DVD’s we’ve packed togehter
    and we hope your music and life will rock in Regina !

    See ya ! Knuffle knuffle hmmmmmmmmmmmmm Marjan and Erik+pets

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