Spicy Biscuit w/Almond Filling (‘Gevulde Speculaas’)

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Gevulde Speculaas (© Mark Pruim)

mix ground:
90 g    cinnamon
30 g    nutmeg
30 g    cloves
10 g    star anise
10 g    coriander
5 g white pepper
5 g     ginger
5 g     cardamom

150 g    ground almonds
150 g    sugar
1          egg
zest of a lemon plus 1 or 2 tbsp juice (optional)

mix ingredients, taste increases when put in container in fridge for a few days, but you can also use it directly (you can keep the paste in fridge for up to 3 weeks)

1,5 cup / 200 g    all-purpose flour
0,5 cup / 100 g    brown sugar
100 g     butter
15 g       speculaas spices mix
1 tsp      baking powder
pinch     salt
(square) baking pan 8″ or 20 cm
decoration: appr. 16 almonds, egg (lighty beaten)

– preheat oven: 175C/350F, grease baking pan
– mix all ingredients for dough to a smooth ball (it’s good if it stays crumbly as you will press it into the pan and it will become more firm then)
– divide in two UNEVEN parts, press the smallest part into an even layer in the pan
– put the almond paste on top of the dough, make even layer but stay about 1/4 inch away from the sides
– press the rest of the dough on top of the almond paste into an even layer, esp. on the sides where it touches the bottom layer
– smoothen the top with a wet spoon (or fingers), paint with some beaten egg, put the almonds in as decoration and paint with egg again
– bake in middle of oven in about 35 minutes, cut AFTER cooling in (16) squares

2 Comments on “Spicy Biscuit w/Almond Filling (‘Gevulde Speculaas’)”

  1. It’s a specific treat for the Dutch St. Nicholas holiday on December 5, but I’ve been making this through all of December 🙂

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