2010 Olympics / winter wonderland

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Right now we’re in full Olympics mode!! The openingsshow in Vancouver was fantastic and made us so proud to be a Canadian resident!! And thanks to our wonderful neighbours Mike and Alison we finally have the Olympic mittens too now! As for the games… Dutch speedskater Sven Kramer has Gold and mogul skier Alex Bilodeau just now got the first ever Canadian Gold Medal on Canadian soil… woohoooo!!!

Olympic merchandise!

Time for some winter shots. We had a big storm 3 weeks ago with 27 cm of snow and snowdrifts many feet high, which left many people stranded in their own driveway or street for a day. Lots of digging to do, like Nico and Randy from acrosse the street are doing here.

Randy and Nico shoveling snow

small snowdrift on our deck

Moose near Regina! Unfortunately we did not see any yet, this photo was uploaded to the Weathernetwork website on Feb 5 by Todd Harder, photo was taken near Grand Coulee.

(c) Todd Harder / Weathernetwork - moose near Grand Coulee

And when it gets too cold, we’ll just go to the new Walmart Supercentre that just opened.. it’s HUGE!

huge Walmart Supercentre

Further updates: medical went well as far as we can tell, we learned that our file has been moved from Buffalo to LA (Buffalo’s too busy) and little Smokey went back home after 10 days. That’s it right now!

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