We got THE letter (for the work permits)!!

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YEEEEEAAAHOOOOOOOOWWWW! We got the letter we’ve nervously been waiting for, THE letter, the mother of all letters: the letter from the Canadian Embassy that says our application for the work permits (for both of us) have been approved and we can now travel to Canada!! WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!

Tomorrow we’ll go book the flights so we’ll have a date (probably February 25th) and can finalize our stuff here. My last day at work is February 15th and for Nico the 18th. WEIRD, haha!

We’ve already done a lot of packing and such, and maybe I can finish most of it next weekend, it’s a long weekend for me because it’s Carnaval over here. My boss gives us two extra days of leave, which is always nice, even if I don’t participate in the Carnaval festivities anymore 😉

Happy packing to meeeeeeee!

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6 Comments on “We got THE letter (for the work permits)!!”

  1. Ohhh… Great! I hope you will get cheap tickets for the flyt. But you won’t make a little Carnaval in Regina? Hey.. you could be the first ones and many other will folow you! *justkidding*

    Many big hugs to you

  2. Heeeeee, eindelijk….gefeliciteerd!!! Jullie kunnen gaan!
    Boeken die tickets!
    Liefs, Carin en Janneke

  3. Wat een heerlijk gevoel zal dat zijn!!!!!!!

    Succes met d laatste “loodjes” hier in Nederland en dan……………….. WEGWEZEN!!!!!!!!!

    Piet en Yet

  4. Hejsan! Glückwunsch und nochmal die besten Wünsche! Irgendwie finde ich es immer noch unglaublich, daß ihr bald weg seid….

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