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Time for a little update!
After taking some time to deal with last year’s losses (I really took some rest in the holiday break and that helped a lot), we continued with our emigration plans after the holidays. For months Nico had been sent from pillar to post about whom he should contact about his original nursing education, as there have been mergers and changes over the years.

He finally found the right people, who are really helping him now. But in the meantime we started to get scared we wouldn’t get all the necessary info to the nurses association (SRNA) in time for them to assess it before the official deadline (3 months) of the June 6 exam. Janet at the SRNA said that it also depends on whether the info is complete (sometimes they have to contact the organizations again for further info), but that in certain situations they can add late additions. So it’s good to know they’ll help as much as they can! Right now some info is already on its way to Canada, some info (nursing education, the trickiest part) is finally almost on its way and this weekend Nico can complete his forms and send in his own package for the initial registration with the SRNA. And then we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed and hope it’s all assessed in time for that June exam!

We have already booked our flights to be sure, we will stay in Regina for two weeks (June 2 – 16).

our schedule (at the moment, there has already been a change since booking in the Edmonton-Regina times)

June 2nd
flight 6685 / Amsterdam – London Heathrow 9.30 – 9.50 / airplane 319 (BMI)
flight 899 / London Heathrow – Edmonton Intl. 12.05 – 14.05 / airplane 763 (Air Canada)
flight 8808 / Edmonton Intl. – Regina 19.50 – 21.04 / airplane CRJ (Air Canada Jazz)

June 16/17th
flight 8809 / Regina – Edmonton Intl. 17.55 – 19.15 / airplane CRJ
flight 898 / Edmonton Intl. – London Heathrow 20.00 – 11.35 / airplane 763
flight 6692 / London Heathrow – Amsterdam 14.45 – 16.55 / airplane 319

To be continued…

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