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Geez, how easy is it to postpone something, when you’re already comfortable where you’re at and the work permit will be valid for quite a while longer. And when you buy a bad ass motorhome and are often gone :mrgreen: and when you also had family over for almost a month! 😎 But that provincial nomination is only valid for half a year, so there was no more time to waste and yesterday we finally sent off the mother of all envelopes, the Permanent Residence application to Buffalo, NY.

I had dreaded to apply for new police certificates in Holland, it bugs me that you have to bother people over there with it (you have to apply in person in the last city you lived in in Holland, or have other people act for you on your behalf). But ok, per Fedex we sent all the forms and copies that were needed to our former neighbours and dear friends Rob and Vera, and they did the application for us at the city hall (with the usual persistance, because of course the clerk didn’t get it right away). Thank you!

When we came back from the vacation, we received the police certificates and this week I finally made some time to read through all the guides, paperwork and sites again, print out the corrected and updated forms and make copies (just not notarized as they mention in the checklist, didn’t need that with the work permit and other applications, so we’re just taking that risk for now). Yesterday we sent it off with Fedex and it was delivered in Buffalo today!

In the next few days I’ll have another update for you, because we were gone with the motorhome again. Into the wilderness of Saskatchewan, but then by the picturesque village Waskesiu in the woods by a lake. 6 hours drive, but soooo pretty… 😯

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