Nico passed the IELTS test!

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Nico passed the IELTS test after all! He was so afraid he failed it.. but today the result came in and they were high enough for his registration! He needed a 6.5 overall and 7 for speaking; he had a 7 overall and an 8 for speaking! YAY for Nico – one step closer to Canada!! 🙂

Now he’s motivated again to study for the RN exam in June (still not sure he’s in, but it looks good) and dived into his prep guide and certain websites. He still needs to get some nursing books, but they are almost only available through Amazon, who claims to “generally deliver in 5-8 weeks” – well that’s too late for us now. Before we could check with Marlin if he’d have time to look for the books in stores, Nico talked to Ann B., an originally Belgian friend in greater Vancouver who’s also a nurse. She is already looking for those books for us, but that might also be tricky as she got a different list of recommended books over there in BC 😕

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