Happy Holidays!

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We want to wish you all a happy holiday season! Here’s our traditional Xmas mail & card:

2018 flew by quite fast for us! We suffered some heavy losses… our friend Ton, cousin Jos and our own kitty Tess. But in June we had our German friends Paddy and Steffi visit us and they even wanted to try camping in our motorhome for two days to see what we are always talking about. Then in August we went to Holland to celebrate dad’s 100th birthday and combined the trip with a week on Crete, Greece. Dad’s reception was busy and such a blast! And it was amazing to be back on Crete after thirteen years!

Right after, we went into renovation mode… got new windows and doors, and painted the walls in the house in light colours, until an inflamed shoulder abruptly stopped Marlies. That’s healing nicely, but two rooms will have to wait a little bit. The company that will do the siding on the outside, will probably be able to do a little bit before it gets too cold, but I don’t think we’ll see the full transformation of the house until spring.

As for work, Marlies will be going full-time in the new year! The organization is really eliminating casual/part-time positions now, but this time she did get the offer to come on board full-time instead. She loves her work and her team, so even though it will mean less freedom for us, she’s embracing the new opportunity 🙂

Merry Xmas and best wishes for 2019!

Nico & Marlies
Gandalf, Rider, Smokey, Sheldon, Penny & Arya =^.^=

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