Danny & Sandy are moving on to Baarlo today…

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» photo albums 2005/0310 ~ Danny & Sandy’s Visit

Today it was time to say goodbye, booohoooo!! Normally I get really restless when I can’t go my own way and do my own things for a longer period of time, but that was not at all the case now! I guess it was like vacation for us too with all the things we’ve done. We didn’t want to let them go, even when we already kept them here for a week!! But René and Claudia (ProgPower, DVS Records) were awaiting them in Baarlo, where they would stay several days, so we brought them to the train station at 3. I pressed my nose against the window of the train and when it left, I ran with it as long as I could (that must look really silly on Sandy’s video LOL!) Thanks for so many good times, you two!!!!

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