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Earth's Children books by Jean M Auel

And 2018. And a bit of 2017 as well. Since I haven’t posted about books I read before, I figured I’d include all that I have on my tiny list since I started it in 2017 🙂

So my friend Kristin’s brother Tom inspired me a few years ago to keep a list of what I’m reading. But he’s one of those people that must be reading while he counts the scoops of coffee in the morning or exchanges the battery of his Fitbit or ties his shoelaces, because that list he posted on Facebook a few years ago was a mile long!

And then there is me. I actually mention reading as a hobby in profiles. But I don’t make time for it often enough. I love to read at night and I have paperback books on my nightstand. But all too often I’m too tired when I get to bed or I prefer to unwind with a game on my phone. I currently have a FBI suspense thriller by Catherine Coulter and a few fantasy books there (Dragonlance series), waiting to be devoured.

Another time I love to read, digitally on my phone, is when I’m walking on my treadmill. But I haven’t been doing that in a while *shame* and I miss my e-books! I’m currently re-reading Jean M. Auel‘s Earth’s Children series in English and I have some more Barbara Cool Lee lined up, I love her feel-good romantic mysteries a lot.

Let me know what you are currently reading! Do you prefer paper or ebook? Or maybe audio?


* = still reading

  • *CATHERINE COULTER – Double Take
  • CATHERINE COULTER & J T ELLISON – The Devil’s Triangle (A Brit in the FBI series 4)
  • LILIAN JACKSON BRAUN – The Cat Who Brought Down the House (The Cat Who series 25)
  • ROBERT JORDAN – The Great Hunt (partly, won’t continue) (The Wheel of Time series 2)
  • *JEAN M AUEL – The Valley of Horses (Earth’s Children series 2, ebook)


  • KEN FOLLETT – A Column of Fire (Kingsbridge series 3)
  • BARBARA COOL LEE – Honeymoon Cottage, Boardwalk Cottage, Lighthouse Cottage, Little Fox Cottage, Rum Cake Cottage, Songbird Cottage, Sunshine Cottage (Pajaro Bay series 1-7, ebooks)
  • ROBERT JORDAN – The Eye of the World (The Wheel of Time series 1)
  • JEAN M AUEL – The Clan of the Cave Bear (Earth’s Children series 1, ebook)
  • HIRO ARIKAWA – Reisverslag van een kat


  • GEORGE R R MARTIN – A Dance With Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire series 5)
  • PRESTON & CHILD – Fever Dream/Cold Vengeance/Two Graves trilogy (Pendergast series 10-12, Helen trilogy)
  • ENID BLYTON – Five on a Treasure Island (The Famous Five series 1, ebook)
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