trip to Minot, North Dakota

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Strange, but this was the first time driving into the States after being here for 11 years! We went to Minot for some shopping and just to get away and see something new 🙂 The weather was clear, but there was some blowing snow, not too bad. We left Friday after my work and stayed in Estevan the first night at the Super8 and we got together with Colin for a beer.

The second day we arrived in Minot where we checked into the Country Inn & Suites. We went shopping in the nearby Dakota Square Mall.

The next day we visited the Scandinavian Heritage Center in the bitter cccccold! Interesting place though! But soon we fled to some warm stores for shopping and I went a little nuts with all the flavours in coffee creamer haha!

On the 4th we had to drive home again and it didn’t seem bad… until we got to the Estevan area where we could barely see the road anymore from the blowing snow!! We took a short break there and a longer one in Weyburn, considering to give up and stay put. We kept an eye on the Highway Hotline and saw some improvement, we decided to go for it and avoid the roads that were not recommended for travel. After a little while it cleared up and the last bit was smooth sailing, phew! Needless to say we were real happy to be finally at home safe and sound!

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