Nico’s Castle & the Roman bathhouse

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» photo albums 2005/0310 ~ Danny & Sandy’s Visit

I had to work again in the morning and Nico showed Danny and Sandy his own castle – the remains of Castle Schaesberg where he used to play as a kid as it is close to the neighbourhood he grew up in. In the same neighbourhood they stopped at a restaurant that used to be part of another (now vanished) castle (Castle Meezenbroek).

In the afternoon Nico dropped us off downtown on his way to work, and we went to the Thermenmuseum that was build over excavations of a Roman bathhouse. I had never been there either, and it was nicer than I expected. Not big, but it started with a 15 minute movie, then on the bridge over the actual excavation you could hit a button for a 10 minute presentation (see 53 mb video), available in several languages, and there was a very nicely presented exhibition too. Only unfortunate thing was that you can’t really walk through the excavations, only view them from that bridge over it. I forgot my camera and Sandy didn’t have a lot of memory left on hers, so we didn’t get as many pics as we wanted. After that we bought some food to take with us and walked home – we’re gonna spend the night watching movies etc.

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