Dew-Scented & Rock Inc press day (Lars Ratz, Sabina Classen & Hank Shermann)

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We had a great weekend!!

Saturday afternoon Anneke, Cordy and Milan visited us, and we had a good time. Milan is a gorgeous little guy, but his future is still very uncertain. He’s home now and for now they’re taking some time to enjoy him and see how it goes. He needs a medicine similar to Valium to relax (he’d be cramping up all the time, like really literally having his whole body in cramps and crying etc, if he didn’t have that) and they could tell he slowly needs more and more of it, so where does that lead. Even though all the medical opinions (several hospitals, boards and universities) come to the same conclusion: the advice is euthanasia. Still it wasn’t possible in the hospital he was in (the whole team has to be behind it) and somehow not in others either, so now he’s home and if needed their own doctor will help them when they feel the time is there.

At night we went to Mosh It Up in Aachen with Dew-Scented headlining and it was great! What a band!!

The next morning we had to get up early. There was a press day in Landgraaf by the local promoter, our friend Theo of Rock Inc, he had Sabina Classen, Lars Ratz (Metalium) and Hank Shermann there!!! Sabina turned out to be exactly my age, so we bonded big time!!! We vaguely knew each other since forever (Holy Moses is originally from Aachen) and she has talked to Nico before (photos), but it was the first time we really talked and she’s amazing, totally nice and spontaneous. Lars we already knew for years, he’s a big fan of Nico’s pics and has used them often, and it was just fun to chat with him again, and Hank was very very nice too. I first saw him live in 1981 with Mercyful Fate but I had never talked to him before!! He was also fun to talk to and also very interested in our hobbies. And now I have to type it all out, 53+55+43 minutes of interview hahaha!!! So I better get on with it!

» photo album 2005/0410 ~ Rock Inc Press Day


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