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ยป photo albums 2005/0310 ~ Danny & Sandy’s Visit

Yeeaaahhhh visitors from Canada!!!

I met Danny Nargang here in Holland in 2001 when he was playing in Into Eternity, much later we got in touch again over email and he told me he had plans to come back to Europe. That finally happened in the first months of 2005 and visiting Nico and me was on the menu ๐Ÿ™‚ In the meantime I got to know his girlfriend Sandra Kaszas on MSN and Nico and I were getting very excited to have these two Canadians over! Nico made sure he had a few days off (and I took the Monday off) so we could drive around and show them places ๐Ÿ™‚

March 10th – Heerlen

We picked up the Canadians at the train station around 5.30pm, and we spent the evening chatting, eating, chatting, cuddling with our cat Robin, chatting, drinking, chatting and planning a few things for the upcoming days.

March 11th – Heerlen

After my work (until noon) we went to visit the centre of Heerlen. There’s not a lot of old stuff, but still enough to impress our guests. We visited a comic book store, photographed the Pancratius church, went to a beautiful old cemetery close by (there was also a commemorative plaque for Jews deported in WWII) and visited the “Glaspaleis” (Glass Palace) – a recently renovated building that is among the 1000 most important monuments worldwide. You wouldn’t think that when you saw it.. the Glass Palace doesn’t look that spectacular from the outside, but the construction is carried by pillars and not walls, the outside is almost only glass. From the inside it looks pretty cool with those pillars and lots of light coming in. It was build as a warehouse with an apartment at the top, but now it’s a public cultural building, with the library, exhibitions, the city gallery, the music school, coffee corners, a movie theatre and a restaurant almost at the top, where we had lunch enjoying the view.

Tonight we’ll go visit our friends Marcel and Miranda, Marcel is a highly acclaimed guitarist and we thought it would be cool to get the two guitarists in touch ๐Ÿ™‚

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